Copper rods in Bangalore

Copper is a reddish-gold metal commonly used to make coins. Copper is also used for electrical equipment such as wiring and motors. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity and can be easily drawn into wires.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers offer one of the best copper rods in Bangalore.  Copper rods are used for commercial and residential purposes. Copper rods have varied finish options such as forged, hot rolled and extruded. In required dimensions, rods can also be available in hard, soft or half hard finished state.

Copper rods in Bangalore are malleable as well as ductile. They have high thermal conductivity, excellent strength, toughness, heat resistance, good machinability under high temperature. The applications where copper rods are usually used are Ac’s and refrigerators, heat exchangers, condensers, ship industries, solar applications, fertilizers, chemicals, boilers, thermal power plant, etc.

They are also used for industrial machinery and construction i.e. roofing or plumbing. The shapes of copper rods can either be round, hex or square according to the demands of the customers.

Copper rods in Bangalore that are supplied by Rajendra Industrial Suppliers are customized in different designs, shapes, sizes, dimensions, and color according to the need and requirement of the client.

The copper rods that we supply have come up to the expectations of our clients and we are proud of it for having been trusted for our products by the people. We prioritize on offering the products that are manufactured by known and well-established firms to provide the premium quality products to the clients at affordable prices.


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