Copper sheets in Bangalore

Copper is a reddish orange colored metal with its symbol being Cu and 29 is its atomic number. Copper is extremely ductile metal and a very good conductor of heat and electricity. Rajendra Industrial Suppliers is one among the companies that offer the best copper sheets in Bangalore.

Copper sheets have high frequency, optimal performance and it also has a sturdy construction. Cooper sheets have the ability to bend and fold without any damage with high mechanical strength and dimensional stability. These are often used for sculptures, crafts, and home d├ęcor. Copper is also used for electrical applications such as Electrical wiring, telephone wiring, microchips, and heating and air conditioning systems. Architectural work, building construction, transportation, thermal applications, musical instruments also make use of copper.

Copper sheets in Bangalore are durable, strong, corrosion resistant can be stretched(flexible), malleable. These sheets are another alternative metal for any metal embossing projects. Sometimes the copper turns to bluish or greenish color when it erodes to a point that creates diverse shades.

Rajendra Industrial Suppliers ensures fine finishing and have high tolerance capacity. We give importance to the vendors whom we are dealing with for offering the premium quality of the copper. We also customize copper sheets in different sizes, thickness, grades, shapes and designs according to the needs and demands of the customer that are used for different fields of commercial sectors. Join hands with us to get the best copper sheets in Bangalore at affordable prices.



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